Charmingly Chaotic Cavalcade of Comics: Cavaltrade – Red Version

Who likes short shorts?!If you answered “I do” then you have the right book. Collecting a bunch of small bite sized comic stories featuring the dimension hopping Shump, the president of Freedom; SpaceSquatch, some guy named Terry, and a whole lot more! And if you answered “I don’t”, still pick this book up.

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Free on the Internet

Gary & Ted – Free on the Internet

Reborn. Bigger. Stronger. Better? Gary the Alien and his best friend Ted embark on more hilarious adventures taking aim at things in modern society, popular culture, and general shenanigans. At least five. Five shenanigans. Which is an appropriate amount.

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Shump Strange Animal

Shump – Strange Animal

THE ADVENTURE STARTS HERE! Join Shump as he encounters three mysterious creatures that teleport him to a strange world full of dangerous robots, strange locations and limited cell phone coverage..

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I am a cartoon man

Florp Merlorp – I am a Cartoon Man

What would happen if the most powerful being on Earth went rogue? Heck if I know. Anyway, here’s a bunch of cartoons with swears, dinosaurs, references, a other junk. For “mature” readers.

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I am a cartoon man

Florp Merlorp – These Are My Cartoons

A world brought to the brink. Resources are limited. Unrest is high. Now enough about the current state of the world. Here’s a book of silly cartoons. Some of them have cats!

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